Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane

I Envision a Global Healthcare System where Ayurveda is the First Line of Treatment

Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane - Founder & MD of India's Leading Chain of Multidisciplinary 240+ Cardiac Care Clinics, 20+ OPDs & 2 Fully Equipped Hospitals.

Promoting Heart Health the Ayurveda Way

Founder of Madhavbaug, the world’s first Ayurveda cardiac rehab center, which was established by Dr. Rohit in 2006 in Khopoli, as a tribute to his father, who lost his life after suffering a heart attack. Through Madhavbaug Clinics & Hospitals, Dr. Rohit aims at reducing mortality due to heart ailments

Dr Rohit Madhav Sane

First to conceptualize the idea that Ayurveda, can play a big role in Chronic Cardiac Disease.

Dr. Rohit used his education in modern medicine and undertook a meticulous research into Ayurveda. Extensive experimentation and delving deeper into every minute aspect of his study led him to find scientific evidence to substantiate this novel idea.

The effort resulted in a combination of modern medical science and the well-established therapies prescribed in Ayurveda, which could prove highly effective alternative way to treat chronic heart failure.

Dr Sane’s contributions have been recognised globally and he has been conferred with prestigious awards.

Dr Sane’s Mission

Making Ayurveda the First Line of Treatment Globally

When the world is looking at Ayurveda for solutions, why are we not having faith in our abilities.

As part of this mission we are working towards building a complete ecosystem of Ayurveda globally which encapsulates preventive as well as curative practices through a holistic approach of advanced research backed ayurvedic treatments supported by modern diagnostics, diet & exercise management and continuos monitoring

Dr. Rohit Sane aims to build 1000 multifunctional diagnostic and treatment centers for cardiac ailments and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. throughout the length and breadth of India by 2025. With his clear vision, he is all set to scale to new heights.

The Ayurvedic cause is very close my Heart

My father Vd Madhav Sane, was a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, who over 40 years of his practice proved lifestyle modification treatments, that when along with oral medicine, “Panchakarma” therapy is also appropriately used, patients show instantaneous recovery.

When he passed away, I took it upon myself to ensure his philosophy and advancements in Ayurveda  reach every corner of the world

One Heart One World Through Ayurveda

How are we Looking at Achieving this Mission

Investing in Research

To counter the criticism of lack of research in Ayurveda, we have published over 150+ research parpers across various global publications

Integrating the right Medical Technologies

In line with advancing times, we have integrated our line of treatment with the latest modern diagnostics for cardiac care management

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What's Madhavbaug's Mission?

Research Papers & Trials

Researches published in leading scientific journals and presented at international conferences