Success Story

Success story

Reducing India’s Heart-disease Burden through Ayurveda

Established in 2006, Madhavbaug is a unique medical service institution that strives to reduce India’s disease burden due to cardiac disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity with the distinctive outlook of amalgamating technology with traditional healing.

Our unique 360-degree approach to cardiac disease reversal using non-invasive, multidisciplinary and innovative therapies has helped establish Madhavbaug as a dependable option for treating heart ailments. The scientific research conducted by our research centre has been published in international publications, lending credibility to not just our methods, but also to the efficacy of Ayurveda for treating chronic ailments.

This is evidenced by the fact that thousands of cardiac patients have experienced a tremendous improvement in their condition after undergoing treatment at our 200+ clinics and 2 hospitals, across India. Over the past one and a half decades, the good faith we have garnered from our 10+ Lakh patients has helped us expand into a leading chain of cardiac care clinics and hospitals in India.

Our Core Values

We aim to achieve ultimate healthcare excellence by being the best cardiac care organization in India and this sentiment is echoed in our motto ‘Whatever it Takes’. Our mission is to rid the society of heart disease through well-researched innovative therapies based on Ayurveda & modern methods, extensive research and public education.


240+ Clinics

Chain of 240+ Clinics Across Maharashtra, UP, MP, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka and Delhi

2 Hospitals

2 Fully-equipped Hospitals Located at Khopoli and Nagpur

20+ Rural OPDs

20+ Rural OPDs across India

450+ Doctors

450+ Ayurveda Physicians working under Madhavbaug Mission

10 Lac+ Patients Treated

Treated Over 10,00,000+ Patients of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension and High BP Successfully

30,000+ Stress Tests

30,000 Computerized Stress Tests Conducted by Madhavbaug Ayurvedic Physicians every Year

1 Lac+ ECGs

1 Lac+ E.C.G's Performed Every Year in Madhavbaug

100+ Research Papers

100+ Research Paper Published in Leading Indian and International Journal.

250+ Awards & Recognitions

250+ Awards & Recognition Received in Multiple Categories and from Prestigious Medias

From the MD/CEO’s Desk

“Over the last century, heart diseases have become the number one global killer. Despite the tremendous advances made in cardiac care, including drugs, devices and diagnostic innovation; many patients continue to die from heart diseases or live with significant morbidity.

Madhavbaug has understood the need of the hour and is now completely focused on researching, innovating and implementing heart remedies and also to extend preventive strategies to control the risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking, stress and obesity.

Madhavbaug is working with a vision of reducing the mortality and morbidity due to heart disease in India. We have chalked out a five-year plan to get rid of this dreadful disease through public health initiatives, screening and researched-based innovative treatment programs based on Ayurveda. I am pleased to reaffirm Madhavbaug’s strong commitment to effectively address the rising burden of cardiovascular diseases in our country.”

– Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane CEO, Madhavbaug